18+ Android games & other apps- 2019

Here you can find links to some 18+ Android games & other similar apps. In general there is no adult content on this site. The links located on this page point to applications in Google play, which means where harmful applications are not allowed.

18+ Android  games are games that offer virtual entertainment for adults, while 18+ Android Apps are apps that improvise the stripping of clothes.

When we specify 18+ Android games or 18+ apps ,  we mean about some apps or games  dedicated to users older than 18 years. Of course, we do not offer or direct you to websites that contain adult content such as videos, photos etc.

We’ve placed a few links below for those who want apps in this category. In fact, some of these apps do not offer as much as they advertise.

Body scanner (prank)It works by directing your smartphone towards the person. Simply activate and select the subject gender. There are some ready-made forms that make the person look naked.

Girl special bodyscanner prankAfter activating, take a picture of a girl, set body masses, and this app will do what you want automatically.

Touch On Girl Prank 2019 – Girl Body Scanner Prank . Is more like a game with several levels. Play a level to unlock the next level. The game is safe to play but only for adults.

S Game – Couples EditionYou can now play up to 5 types of games for free in a single application.

Puzzles game (18). Gives you opportunity to insert or remove background in the picture. This game uses beautiful girl pictures what makes this app more atractive to users.


These were just a part of the Android apps for older than 18 years users, for more click on this link. If you have any problem while searching for apps in Google Play use this link.

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