Download Skype for Windows Phone, Android, iOS and other OS

Skype download

Skype is available for most versions of Windows Phone, Android, iOS and for many other platforms. You can download Skype from official links or third party sources.

It is highly recommended you download this app from its official website , or from the app store for the platform that you use.

  • Download Skype for Mac OS official link.
  • Skype for older Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7) oldapps link.
  • Download Skype For iPhone, iPad – official link.
  • Other old Skype versions for Linux – link.
  • Download Skype for Android – official link.
  • Other Android download sources (use this at your own risk) appsapk, 1mobile.


Skype has been used a long time ago. The use of this application is increased after it has replaced Windows Live Messenger. Compared with WLM Skype has its advantages and disadvantages. Is easier to use but not advanced as was WLM.

Anyone who has an account in,, and in other similar services of Microsoft, can use Skype app. It can be used without installing the application, through a browser by installing a specific plugin.

Skype can be installed in almost all operating systems and in many devices as: computer, tablet, smartphone, and now also on TV and in blu-ray devices.

It’s free, and can be used without the need for a phone number, but if you need a business version you should consider to spend some money.