Windows 10 advantages

Windows 10 Insider Preview

Yes, at least nowadays Windows 10 is the best OS. This can be said by experience, not by any other reason. We had a lot of time to get separated from the most popular operating system called  Windows XP. Other Microsoft operating systems can be considered more as a transitory phase, especially Windows Vista and Windows 8. Now, the newer operating system – Windows 10 meets all user needs.

Windows 10 is great because we have the best features from the three previous operating systems.

Windows 10 performance is much better than other operating systems, especially if we comply with minimum installation requirements.

If you want to download Windows 10, you can get it here. Click the link in this image below.

The features of the user interface, such as the start menu, have been restored to a more perfunctory structure.

The security level in Windows 10 is much higher if we compare it to the previous systems. Windows Defender  even if you do not have the antivirus installed. If you choose to install an antivirus then Windows Defender will be deactivated automatically.

In Windows 10 there are many integrated applications, and many others that can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store. This reduces the need for spending money for other applications.

Microsoft Edge has a much better performance than Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is secure and has many new features (in this case we can not ignore other browsers).

If you want to reinstall the system you will realize this amount more easily in all processes.

The new feature added for reinstalling and reformatting the disk makes the Windows 10 really great. There is no need for external installation media. Simply select “Reset this PC” and you can do this in the most complete method.

Windows  activation. This is really very easy. If you had licensed copy before reinstalling windows 10, just connect to the Internet. The activation will be performed automatically.

Windows update. Yes, it is true that in many cases it takes a lot of time. But why you have to restart your computer while you are working. You can choose to do this during the time when you do not need it, especially at night.

Some of the Windows big updates can not be called the Service Pack. But they take time and are effective, same as  service pack’s in the old versions.