4k videos in Windows – Check computer compatibility, create videos

4k videos

Does my computer support 4k video?  Let’s check it out.

Open Youtube and find a 4k video or, try this below:

Youtube nature 4k video

Oh, my laptop supports this but only through Chrome. I tested the same with Edge, but no, it does not work, and I have no idea why? \

So, you can also test the Chrome Browser.

Use: Settings, Quality then change resolution (gear icon on YouTube) to check if there is any option for 4k resulution.

What is 4k resolution? Follow this link.

What about hardware requirements?

I think that graphic card capacity is not so important. Version: YES. Newer is better.

Bandwidth for 4k YouTube videos: 10 mbps or more.

How to create a 4k video quality?

Corel Video Studio Pro is a good alternative.  Use this app to create or edit 4k videos.

After you get that app, you’ll also find a tutorial to create, edit or convert 4k videos.

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