Authenticator apps for Android

Authenticator apps

Here we have placed some apps with download links to Authenticator apps & Two Factor Authentication for Android.

Half of the year 2022 has passed. We know how this year started, and how many cyber attacks there have been and may be. In many cases, the victims are those who have nothing to do with this situation. Therefore, it is better to protect your account or device as best as possible.

  1. Google Authenticator – Google LLC 
  2. Microsoft Authenticator – Microsoft Corporation
  3. Duo Mobile – Duo Security LLC  
  4. LastPass Authenticator – GoTo Technologies USA, Inc.
  5. Salesforce Authenticator –, inc. 
  6. Authenticator – Pixplicity 
  7. Authenticator Pro – jmh
  8. Aegis Authenticator – 2FA App – Beem Development 
  9. Authenticator App – 2FA 
  10. Oracle Mobile Authenticator – Oracle America, Inc. 

Want more alternatives? Click on this link and find a list of hundreds of Authenticator apps or search for a specific one.

Please note that these apps are to be installed on Android, but you can use these 2FA apps for many other services, for various accounts and devices.

Use a backup/alternate method in case you lose your device or accidentally reset:

  1. Backup Codes:

    • Many services provide backup codes that you can print or save. These codes can be used as one-time alternatives to the regular 2FA process.
  2. SMS Authentication:

    • Receive one-time codes via SMS on your registered mobile phone number. While this method is widely used, it’s worth noting that SMS-based 2FA has some security concerns, as SIM swapping attacks are a potential risk.
  3. Email Authentication:

    • Receive authentication codes via email. This method involves sending a unique code to your registered email address.
  4. Phone Call Authentication:

    • Receive authentication codes through an automated phone call. The system calls your registered phone number and provides you with a spoken code.
  5. Biometric Authentication:

    • Use biometric information such as fingerprints or facial recognition as a form of authentication. This is common on mobile devices.
  6. Hardware Tokens:

    • Use hardware devices (like YubiKey) to generate one-time codes for authentication. These physical devices offer an additional layer of security.
  7. Push Notifications:

    • Receive a push notification on your mobile device, prompting you to approve or deny a login attempt.
  8. Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP):
    • Generate one-time codes based on the current time using TOTP. While often associated with dedicated 2FA apps, some services provide the option to use TOTP with other applications.

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