About us

We created the ‘Index Of Apps’ website in 2015.

Each post here is based on real experience, after various experiments and tests with different hardware and software. The posts here contain content about applications, links, and tutorials for all platforms.

We prioritize quality over quantity. The content, in general, is rich.

If we write about an issue related to ‘Windows OS’ in a post, we don’t waste time with ten sentences like “What is Windows” because we go straight to the issue we are writing about. This helps you not to waste time with unnecessary things.

We do not use affiliate links because we believe they detract from the purpose of writing a content-rich post.

We use a few ads, but not the ones that hinder visitors from reading the content.

(A part of the text below may change and be enriched with more information in the future)

Since May 2020, we have been drastically unranked by search engines. We must accept that for about 4 years (2020-2024), we have roughly 250 times fewer daily visitors. Search engines have their rules; we must abide by them, and we have given up on the goal of restoring SEO ranking. If anyone thinks that the short post is “Low quality content” and penalizes us, they are mistaken; we are in compliance.

Since the beginning, we have faced fierce competition. It was this intensity that taught us what the internet is like today. We have encountered attacks that have had the effect of destroying our presence on social networks and deranking us on various platforms. This is the reason why visitors find it difficult to find us. But this is not our fault.

We are doing well. Our direct work with more happy clients continues. And from this work, we gain an experience that we have a desire to share with you.

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