Android espionage applications

android espionage apps

Here’s a few links and info for Android espionage apps . Some of these spying apps can be installed only in rooted firmware, while some of these apps are also installed on official firmware.

You can download and install Android espionage apps however, you do not have the right to use these apps to hurt someone, this is illegal. Also, responsible for these applications is who develops, produce and sell them . You can use spy apps simply to test your security.


Espinoage by Referencehunt (dot) com.

  • Source: Google Play
  • Requires Android 4.0 or later version.

This app works more like a manual or as a guide rather than an app.


Spy Secret Detect: Hidden Cam Detector by Code Dreams tech.

  • Source: Google Play.

In fact, this does not help you simply to spy on someone, this app helps you not to spy by others.


Spy Camera OS 3 (SC-OS3) by SCOS Team Photography

  • Source: Google Play.

This app allows you to capture video while you are working in other app. You can start recording a video in the background, and no one can notice that you are spying on it.


IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer.

  • Source: Google Play.

This allows you to get all the information for the network you’re connected to. It also enables you to get information for other customers that are connected to the same network.

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