Android file transfer error. The solution

Android file transfer error

Android file transfer error is displayed for different reasons. In a Android device,  the solution and removal of cause that does not allow the transfer of files depends on the device with which you are transferring.

Android file transfer error’s  can be solved quickly.

To transfer files from Android device to Computer, you have to change the option in your Smartphone, Tablet or any other device you may have.  But, it depends on the firmware version. In most cases (eg – v5.1) you have to select “Media Device (MTP)“.

Unlike this, in some of other firmware version’s this option may be different, something like this “File Transfer” etc.

In rooted devices,  sometimes you should choose the opposite option even if it is not the logical choice. This happens when Custom Firmware is installed, sometimes things get embarrassed. So, do not be surprised if you choose the camera option, and the PC gives you the option of File Transfer.

Another reason that can cause an Android file transfer error is setting up methods for data protection.

However, security methods to protect your device or data are different. You must know where you have set up a password or any other form of security. Remove it and allow the transfer.


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