How to setup HTTPS for custom domain in Blogger?

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For those who want to use HTTPS for custom domain in Blogger this is a good opportunity. This feature were available only for subdomains using extension .blogspot (

Now all users can and should turn on HTTPS for custom domain in Blogger.

Blogspot, a blog platform from Google, is one of the best alternatives that provides free domain hosting.

Blogger is one of the best alternatives because:

  • It’s totally free.
  • It allows ADS, which enable the client to earn money in on a host for which he does not pay.
  • Blogger allows hosting a custom domain for free. This is possible with some other platforms, but most (if not all) do not allow ADS.
  • And the last feature, HTTPS for custom domains makes blogspot a complete and perfect platform, especially for beginners.

Although, for a professional project a paid platform is needed, and another website software like WordPress. Anyway, now Blogger is a perfect choice not just for beginners.


To setup HTTPS for custom domain in Blogger:

  1. Open your Blogger account.
  2. Up, on the left, choose the doman. If you have only one domain, ignore this step.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Go to HTTPS Availability, then select YES. You will see the message “HTTPS Availability is being processed. Check back later.”
  5. After a few minutes HTTPS will be available. Now you can redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.
  6. To enable redirection, go to HTTPS Redirect then select YES.


Setup HTTPS for custom domain in Blogger


Hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) makes the communication between the visitor and a certain web site more secure.

The encrypted line prevents the attackers from tracking the visitors when they click through different pages. But the HTTPS platform also protects the website from various abusers.

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