Want a selfie with Kim Kardashian? Use this app!

Selfie with Kim Kardashian

Yes it is true, you can make a selfie with Kim Kardashian. This app is something that looks incredible. Give it a try, the result will surprise you.

Everyone would love to have a selfie with Kim Kardashian. If you were to see it close to you you would most likely ask it to make a selfie together.

But if you can’t make a real selfie, then there is a solution. You can make it a virtual one using an app.

And these apps called ” Selfie With Kim Kardashian” are available on Google Play, here are the download links.

With this you can surprise a friend even though the photo is not real. You can use the app’s tools to make various modifications. You can combine a live photo with Kim or take a photo of yourself in the gallery.

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