Hot to install Windows 7 From USB

How install Windows 7 from USB flash drive or external Hard Drive.

First, to install Windows 7 from USB download WinSetupFromUsb 1.0 beta 7.

  • Insert USB drive with  8 gb or more.
  • Launch WinSetupFromUsb.
  • Select Usb drive under: USB disk selection and format.
  • Click RMPrep USB.
  • In the new window, select NTFS and click Prepare Drive.
  • Click OK, follow erase and prepare drive operation, when done close window(not first window).
  • In previous window, check Vista/7/server2008 setup……
  • Browse for Windows 7 installation files or CD.
  • If you want to put other OS like Windows XP  (follow the same procedure).
  • Clcik “GO”. After finished, you cant test your usb in Qemu.
  • Now configure bios settings to boot from usb, (in some bios models you must change hdd priority).
  • Reboot  PC and install windows.


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