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NFL Network

All links to Live Stream & IPTV apps for Android posted here are legal. Apps published here include the most popular and other localized TV platforms for different languages.

NFL watch network
Watch NFL Network.

NFL Network is one of the most popular platforms.

NFL Network and RedZone is now avalilable in United States. Are you ready to watch all the NFL platform categories, here is the link.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV – Watch & Record Live TV.

Now we know a thing that when we are dealing with a Google service, then we do not have to worry about the technical service side.

YouTube TV is a Cable-free live TV. This platform contains inside major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more, including your local sports & news channels. And you can watch these in all devices that have Android and other operating systems installed. It’s free, just try this link.


MeTV a classic network in Amerika #1 is now available for download and install in Android devices. You can listen MeTV music while you’re driving across all the U.S.

With MeTV you can listen old music from the early 60’s and newer ones. To download app use this link.

IPTV apps and live stream services in other languages.

Afrikaans – Africa News 

Albanian – Shqip TV 

Arabic – Free Arabic IPTV 

Armenian – Armenia TV

Basque -NAGRA CONNECT ↗, Euskal Egunkariak

Bosnian –  BoljaTV 

Belarusian –  Belarus TV APK 

Bulgarian – Bulgarian TV 

Canada – CTV (web) ,  CTV (app)

Catalan – Catalan Tv 

Chinese – Chinese TV ,  CGTN – China Global TV Network 

Corsican – A Corsica TV 

Croatian – Croatian TV 

Danish – DR TV ,  Dansk TV 

Dutch – Dutch TV 

Estonian -DELFI TV Estonia  ,  Streema,Estonia TV Stations  

Filipino – TFC: Watch Pinoy TV & Movies ,  Free Philippines Tv Live 

Finnish – Finland TV EPG Free ,  Streema, Finland TV Stations 

French –  French TV Channels  ,  FRANCE 24 – Android TV 

Galician – CRTVG ,  WWiTV

Georgian – GUDA TV 

German – YouTV german TV in your pocket  

Greek- Greek TV (Greekapps) 

Haitian – Haitian TV 

Hawaiian – Hawaii TV ,  KITV4 News: Honolulu, Hawaii 

Hebrew – Hebrew & Israel TV

Hindi – Hindi, Indian Mobile TV ,  Top 5 Indian TV channels- Techtabloids  

Hungarian -Hungarian TV Channels  ,  IpTvHungary 

Icelandic – Iceland TV Channels Sat ,  Iceland TV Stations- Streema 

Indonesian – Indonesian Tv 

Irish – iBox Live TV Ireland 

Italian – Italian TV 


Khmer – Khmer TV APK

Korean – Korean TV HD ,  South Korea Tv Live

Kurdish – Kurdish Live TV 

Latvian – ,  Latvia TV Stations, Streema 

Lithuanian – Lithuanian TV Channels APKPURE ,  Lithuania Tv Live- Getjar 

Macedonian – Macedonian TV

Malay – RTM Mobile ,  Malaysia TV 

Maori – Māori Television Connect ,  Maori TV On Demand

Mongolian – Mongolian Tv Guide

Norwegian – NRK TV ,  Norway TV Stations

Pashto – Pashto TV

Persian – Giniko Persian TV

50-  Polish – Polish TV Free ,  Poland TV

Portuguese – Portuguese TV Stations

Romanian – ROMANIAN TV

Russian – Russia. Television and Radio ,  RUSSIAN TV

Scots – STV ,  STV News

Serbian – Serbia TV

Slovak – Skylink Live TV SK

Slovene – Slovenia Tv Live ,  Slovenia TV

MegaTV Plus

Swedish – SWEDISH TV ,  Sweden TV Stations

Tamil – Tamil TV

Thai – ThaiTV Live

Turkish – TV Turk ,  Turkish Live TV, Apkmonk 

Ukrainian – UATV (Web) , UATV (App) , UATV (FB) ,  Ukrainian television by MEDIACAST

Uzbek – Uzbekistan TV ,  Uzbekistan TV, AppsssNet

Vietnamese – Viet Channels ,  TV Viet

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