Parted Magic distros: recover or modify partitions

Parted Magic

Of course a Linux distro, but which one. We have found Parted Magic to be the most suitable. When we need to recover or manage files and partitions we look for solutions on this OS.

Although Windows is perfect but Linux is really a solution. There are many situations where we cannot recover files or partitions with Windows simply because we cannot access them. Parted Magic does this because with live version of this OS  you can access everything.

We need to clarify something: We only post about distributions we have tested. And we can’t test them all because they are innumerable.

Parted Magic is probably not the only one but it is perfect, and there are many versions. We call it the “anesthesia” of Windows diseases because we often use it.

If your OS can’t boot, you might want to reinstall it. But before reinstalling you should think about not erasing the data. Then you can start Parted Magic to backup files very easily.

In some cases you cannot reinstall an OS because a partition prevents you from doing so. Windows is unable to delete that partition and gives a nonsense error code. But Parted Magic does it for you.

Parted Magic also has many tools to perform various disk or partition operations.

Below we will post links to download.

Parted Magic versions include download links:

  1. Parted Magic 2019
  2. Parted Magic 2018
  3. Parted Magic 2017
  4. Parted Magic 2016
  5. Parted Magic 2015
  6. Parted Magic 2014
  7. Parted Magic 2013

We suggest that you download the copy of Parted Magic from the official website. A cracked version is never the same as the official copy because the data recovery is important and some mistakes are irreversible.

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