TCG: Ma Driver Function Call Failed

Ma Driver Function Call Failed

TCG: Ma Driver Function Call Failed,  is a message that appears when something goes wrong with one of the chipsets configuration in Bios. From the research we can see that this happens more often in Lenovo and FSC computers, but also in other brands.

TCG: Ma Driver Function Call Failed error, in this case refers to a problem from Tusted Computer Group.

What is Trusted Computer Group or briefly  TCG ?

The Trusted Computing Group is a group formed to implement Trusted Computing concepts across personal computers.

TCG’s original goal was the development of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)…read more about TCG.


To solve this problem you need to try several methods. Several methods because the message: TCG: Ma Driver Function Call Failed error appears for several reasons.

  • First, replace your cmos battery if it is empty or is not in optimal condition.
  • Power on PC then press appropriate button F1, F2, F10, Del, or Esc to  make some changes in Bios.
  • Restore Bios to its default settings.
  • Go to Security, TPM and disable Trusted Platform Module.


Enable, disable Trusted Platform Module

The ideal solution would be if you do a Bios Upgrade.  But for this you need to be sure that your computer’s hardware part is 100% ok

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