This item isn’t available in your country !!!

Why “This item isn’t available in your country”.  What should we do when we see this message? Maybe we should not go to another country to download an app.

This really hurts when someone says that “This item isn’t available in your country”. Sometimes this was a bitter feeling. Why am i in the wrong country for someone else?

However, this message does not appear only on Google Play. This message is often seen by other platform users. So, country restrictions are present also in the Ap Store of iOS, but also in the MS Store of Windows. In some cases a similar message appears even when we want to see a video on YouTube.

But, why is this happening?

This is commonly done by uploaders. They try to do something, perhaps to be protected from any illegal download, any attack, or something similar. In fact, this action is wrong.

However, this is the decision and their “right” to prevent someone from having access to their product.

So how do we solve this problem?

The best and safest solution: If you’ve ever had that app installed on any Android device, then you can easily solve the problem. Use the same account that you first installed with that app. Open Google Play, go to Menu, select My apps & games, find your app then reinstall it. If you have never installed that app, use the account of a trusted person who has the app installed.

Another way, use an Proxy Switcher app. Download Proxy app from Google Play, not from other sources. One of these applications is also Hotspot Shield Basic.

Another method to solve this is downloading from other services. However, downloading apps from third party sources is not preferred.

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