Windows 10: desktop icons are moving left and locked

desktop icons are moving left

Windows 10: desktop icons are moving left, the problem continues to remain the same, as in the previous versions of Windows 7 and 8.

After a clean install of Windows 7, 8 or 10 everything is fine with desktop icons. But after a few hours or maybe a few days, we find the desktop icons on the left side only.

Discussions on this issue we can find in any forum, but not all users can find the exact solution.

Quote from a member of, “I have looked for years on this subject and only got third party apps as a solution. When Windows loses my arrangement for some reason (like not having my monitor on when booting [I use a TV]), I use my IconRestorer app (any app will do) to get the arrangement back. …By the way, I can’t believe that Microsoft hasn’t fix the lost arrangement problem after so many years of hearing complaints. As an Engineer myself I would be embarrassed…”

It’s time for a fix from Microsoft, third party apps are not the right solution to this problem.


This problem was reported in 2015 and was resolved immediately after the next update of Windows 10. If you get the same problem simply update the OS.


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