Error 0x000001d in Google Chrome

chrome error 0x000001d

One of the problems that appear when installing Google Chrome and some other similar apps is error 0x000001d .

The message displayed  “ the installer encounered error 0x000001d ”  during install Google Chrome app especially in Windows XP appears for many reasons. One reason that is more frequent is: Google Chrome like many other apps is not supporting older computer’s. However the error 0x000001d can also appear for other reasons.

  • If the ram memory has begun to weaken.
  • If the ram memory It has the lowest frequency (mhz).
  • If the cpu is to old or not supported.

In the absence of the budget solution to install on PC it would be installing an older version of this app.

To avoid this error you can select one of these links:  to download an older version of Google Chrome.

However there remained some time and Google Chrome will not support older versions of Windows such as Windows XP or Vista.

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