Browsers for Windows Mobile 2019

Browsers for Windows Mobile

Here is the list and links of browsers for Windows Mobile also for previous Windows Phone versions.

Some of Microsoft’s official browsers are pre-installed on OS, such as Microsoft Edge for Windows Mobile 10 and Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Phone 8 or older OS versions.

  • 0 Mini – TN Security LTD – 
  • Chrome.2019 -awesome dect
  • Browser 8.2- Youtu 2018
  • Omini Browser New- Tais Technologies
  • Pro Browser- Ringtones Pro Free


  • Maxthon Browser- Beijing Maxthon Tianxia Technology Co. Ltd
  • VPN Browser+ – xDev Creative
  • Ggle Browser- awesome dect
  • Operominic Browser Lite- Atom Dev
  • Inkognito Browser- 665Apps


  • Browser Yandex- Face Beautiful
  • Opra Mini News- Antoine Rocheleau
  • Browser4G- Game for Classic racing Unlimited
  • Y Browser- Battlegrounds Game
  • Browse Faster- Bhoopal Reddy


  • OpeMini Browser- Fruit Slash Game ↗
  • Sidekick Private Browser- SaferWeb Software
  • BlueSky Browser- Willpower systems

If you know of any popular browser, which is not published here, please leave a comment with the name and browser link.