Adding subdomain to Blogger without primary domain

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You can add a subdomain on Blogger as an independent domain. And not just that. You can also use the WWW and HTTPS (ssl) options for that subdomain, same as with a primary domain.

Configure domain in Blogger.

  • Go to Blogger and add your
  • Uncheck “Redirect to”
  • Copy and save in a text 2 cnames because they are required for configuration in the Domain Registrar.
  • Click Save.

add subdomain to blogger


Now, go to your domain registrar and configure your subdomain for use with Blogger.

The configuration method varies depending on the domain registrar. We are taking this as an example

  • Go to
  • From Dashboard select the domain for which you want to create a subdomain to use with Blogger.
  • Click Manage, then Advanced DNS.
  • Under HOST RECORDS click add new record, select CNAME Record.
  • In HOST field enter www.subdomain, in the target field enter: Click Save.
  • Follow same method to add second CNAME provided by Blogger. (Replace www.subdomain and xxxxxxx with your own)

records for namecheap subdomain

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