Fixing Instant Articles error “Too Many Line Breaks”

fb instant articles to many line breaks

The error message “Too Many Line Breaks: This text block uses too many line breaks (<br/> elements)” appears when you apply, reapply for Facebook Instant Articles.

In fact, “line breaks” are not created by you. When you create the article you can see both methods: Visual and Text if there is any </ br> tag. In most cases there is no “line break”. But Facebook still says “Too Many Line Breaks: This text block uses too many line breaks (<br/> elements). Please split the text block into multiple paragraphs or reduce the number of line breaks to a maximum of 5.

What is the problem that causes this error message?

If you copy the text elsewhere and place it on your site, especially in Text Mode, here the trouble begins. But not just copy and paste. This also happens if you are writing the text yourself, without copy and paste, but using Text Mode in WordPress.

This method excludes the paragraph, or the space between the paragraphs. In this case the plugin or RSS translates this as a “Line Break”, although the “br” tag does not exist. This really causes headache.

However, what is the solution to this error.

Very simple. Do not use more than five <br> tags. If you are using WordPress switch to Visual mode. You can also use the Text mode method if you have sufficient knowledge about the HTML writing method (if you have this knowledge you do not need this article).

So, instead of Line Breaks (<br/>) you should use paragraph <p></p>.

Look at the examples below, the text form in the image.


Solve "Too Many Line Breaks..."

This is the unacceptable method.Here seems to be a Line Break.
There is no space between the paragraphs.

This form is accepted.

The space between the paragraphs exists. (Here seems to be two paragraphs).

This form is accepted.This is not seen if it is a paragraph, but it is not either the Line Break that causes the error.

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