Pokemon GO for Android, Windows and iOS

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the most popular game this year. With the help of technology, virtual objects are shown in real world space.

Pokemon GO download link:

  • iOS: Official link in iTunes.

Pokemon GO is a free game released in July 2016.

First of all, this game is one of the most popular games since the first few days it is released, and is spreading at a very fast pace.

So, you can install this game on most Smartphone models. But, as early Root and Jailbreak devices were not supported.

For this game, we can say that there has been much debate about the behavior of children. This is because of the way of playing, especially in the streets and other places that pose a risk.

In addition, almost all users of this game are young.

Pokemon GO download links for other platforms:

  • Android: Official link in Google Play.
  • Windows Phone: Third party game installer link. Tutorial (How to install Pokemon in Windows Phone) link.

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