Silent Apps for nLite, vLite, RT7Lite

Silent Apps for nLite, vLite, RT7Lite. However, after extraction can also be installed directly in Windows.

Below we have placed several download links of silent apps for nLite, vLite, RT7Lite. But, also for applications that manipulate these files.

In fact, these silent apps are ready for nlite.

Then, for use with vlite or rt7venlite:


Silent Apps, July 2015.

Adobe Flash PLayer v 18 Internet Explorer_July 2015.
Adobe Flash PLayer v 18 Plugin_July 2015 (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera etc).
Mozilla Firefox v 39_July 2015.
Skype Standard v 7.6_July 2015.
Adobe Reader v 11_July 2015.

Mozilla Firefox 39 French.


Silent Apps, July 2014.

Adobe Flash PLayer 14 InternetExplorer.
Adobe Flash PLayer 14 Plugin.
Mozilla Firefox 30.
Skype Standard
Adobe Reader 11.0.3.


Nlite Addons&Other Silent Apps (older).

Adobe Flash Player IE 11.9.

Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11.9.

Google Chrome SE 22.


Sumatra PDF 1.8.

WinRar 3.93.