Mikrotik Access Point configuration

mikrotik access point

You can configure Mikrotik Access Point if you have at least one wireless interface in your router. This allows you to use the Wireless interface to serve the Internet for your clients. In this case, the LAN interface is used to serve the router with the Internet.

Mikrotik Access Point is used to serve the internet through wireles for customers in the neighborhood, or to serve the internet to remote customers through the antenna.

First of all, you must have at least one Lan interface and at least one Wireless interface in your router.

In a previous article we have explained how to:

In this article we will explain the simple configuration that enables the router to act as an Access Point. Find the other necessary steps in the links above.

To configure Mikrotik to act as Access Point.

  1. Login to Mikrotik Router via Winbox.
  2. Click Interface, Wlan1, Enable.
  3. Now, double click Wlan1.
  4. Change Wireless mode to AP Bridge.
  5. SSID: Enter your name, company etc, than click apply
  6. On the left, click Wireless.
  7. Click Security Profiles.
  8. Click Add, enter a profile name eg “profile1”
  9. Enter WPA PSK key eg 12345678,  than enter same key in the field below to verify.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Now, go to Wireless and change Security Profile from “default” to “profile1”.
  12. Click OK.

So it was a simple configuration for the Access Point. To have it more clear, look at the picture below.

mikrotik ap bridge

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