Network Scanner apps for Android

Network Scanner Android

Most of the Network Scanner apps listed below provide info for: IP Address, Mac Address, Device Brand or Chipset Model, but also many other information for devices connected in a specific IP range.


Network Scanner by Easy MobileNetwork Scanner by Easy Mobile.

This app helps you to find info about devices connected to your wireless.

This app also provide tools to wake a device on lan and many other tools.

However, this app is incompatible with some older Android devices.


Fing - Network Tools by Domotz LtdFing – Network Tools by Domotz Ltd.

Fing is one of the fastest app used for network scanning.

This apps is completely free, provides detailed information about wireless you’re connected.

Also, this app helps you to analyse security issues in your network.



IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer by AmazingByteIP Tools: WiFi Analyzer by AmazingByte.

This application helps you to identify the quality of your network.

With the help of this app you can identify various problems that can cause a laptop or smart phone connected to your network.


IP Tools - Network UtilitiesIP Tools – Network Utilities by AppWorld Infotech.

This application, besides scanning the network, also provides you with extensive information. With this app you can traceroute a specific IP Address or Website.

You can also find information about public IP Addresses or websites.


We’ve been trying to show links to some of the most widely used applications for network or wireless scanning. However, you can choose between hundreds of apps by clicking on this link.

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