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Mikrotik Router OS install and basic configuration

Mikrotik Router OS  basic configuration only explains installation and a simple config just to enable the internet for personal devices.

A Mikrotik Router OS basic configuration can be performed using Winbox or directly through Mikrotik command line. First, if you do not have a dedicated Mikrotik router (routerboard), you can use an old computer to install Router OS.

Installing Mikrotik Router OS in x86 machine- Computer.


Mikrotik Router OS first access through Winbox.

For beginners, it’s recommnded to configure Mikrotik through Winbox.


In some cases the Mikrotik Router is not detected because of the Windows firewall configuration or any other reason. In this case you need to make a small configuration through Command Line. 

Now, go to the PC that has installed the Mikrotik Router OS. You probably have a keyboard connected to that router.


Go back to Windows PC. Configure IP Address in Computer then open Winbox.

Since we have set the IP address: on the router, in the Windows PC we have to put an ip like this:

Ip Address:, Subnet mask:, Gateway:, 1st Dns:, 2nd Dns: leave blank.


Configure Mikrotik Router OS internet connection.


  1. Setup an password: Click System, Password, enter same password in New Password and Confirm Password, click Change.
  2. Configure Firewall: Click Ip, Firewall, Nat, Add, in General tab Chain field choose srcnatin General tab Interface field choose ether1, in Action tab Action field choose Masquerade, click OK.



Configure Mikrotik Router OS Lan connection.


  1. Add Local IP Address. We put an ip address earlier with Command Line. So, if you have not done this Click IP, Address, Add, In the Address field enter, In the Network field enter, In the Interface field select ether2, click OK.
  2. Finally, configure DHCP Server. Click IP, DHCP Server, DHCP Setup, Select ether2, click Next, in the DHCP Address space enter, click Next, In the Gateway for DHCP Network enter, click Next, In the Adresses to give out enter, click Next, in the DNS Servers enter DNS Adresses from your ISP eg and, Click Next, Next, OK.
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