Online and offline translators for Android

Online and offline translators for Android

We’ve placed here a list including links to online and offline translation apps for Android. Some of these apps do not translate only a single word but also a sentence. There are many offline translators for Android and other platforms however, for now Google Translate (online) continues to be the best solution especially for the sentence translation.

For Android, there is a large number of translation apps, offline and online. Translation of a word can be done with a simple app.  No matter if it’s an online or offline translation app. But to translate a sentence then you need a bit more knowledge about the languages you are going to translate. Also, a simple app for translation of a sentence is not enough. A more advanced app or platform is needed.

Online and offline translators for Android:

  1. Google Translate app – by Google LLC. (online, offline)
  2. Yandex.Translate – by Yandex. (online, offline)
  3. Microsoft Translator – by Microsoft. (online, offline)
  4. All Languages Translator – Free Voice Translation – by Mobile Translator Apps. (online, offline)
  5. Offline Advanced English Dictionary and Translator – by FreeSharpApps. (offline)
  6. iTranslate Translator & Dictionary – by iTranslate. (offline)
  7. German English Offline Dictionary & Translator – by Dragoma. (offline)
  8. French English Offline Dictionary & Translator- by Dragoma. (offline)
  9. Translate – by Translate. (offline)



Click here to find more translators or dictionary apps. There are translation applications for almost all languages on the Android platform.

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