Protect PC from viruses and unnecessary loads

Protect your computer from viruses

Following a few steps you can protect your computer from viruses. You can also to prevent unnecessary loads.

First of all, use the last version of opertaing system in your computer. If your Computer does not meet minimum requirements for last OS eg Windows 10, update your actual operating system regularly.

Install an antivirus and update it regularly.

Here are some links for free and paid antivirus software. Be sure to clean your previously outdated, fake or not efficient security software.

Activate Administrator for personal use then create an standard, limited account for other users.

You can create an user account with administrative access, or activate default Administrator account.

To activate default Administrator account:

  1. Click start menu, enter: cmd, right click Run as Administrator.
  2. Enter: net user Administrator /active :yes

Go to user account and use a password for Administrator account, then change other users to standard or limited account.

Make your browser safe to use.

Use last version of your browser and update it regularly (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc). Avoid using plugins or extensions in your browser.

If you get a warn from antivirus when visiting a website, exit that website for your safety.

When I suggest and say this “update it regularly” I do it to be safe in cases when update is not accomplished automatically. Although, today most applications and operating systems are automatically updated.

Avoid installing aplications from unknown publishers and do not download them from suspicious sources.

To download an application securely, you need to make sure that you download it from their official site. For example, if you want to install an Adobe app, then you should visit Avoid “free“, “cracked” or “fully activated” from search results.

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