In many cases Google Adsense does not appear in some WordPress themes. Account is approved, but you see only blank ads. It seems that the theme has something that prevents displaying google adsense ads. The cause may be a js or css script or something else. However, this problem has a solution. […]

Solved- Google Adsense does not appear ...

Flashlight for iPhone, by iHandy inc. It goes with a compass, tha gives you a direction in the dark.(link) Police lights for iPhone by Francis Zorrilla. Police flash light and siren.(link) Magic Lights by Disco light style and various animation lights.(link) Click here to find more flashlight apps for iPhone from […]

Flashlight apps for iOS (iPhone)

Pokemon GO is the most popular game this year. With the help of technology, virtual objects are shown in real world space. Pokemon GO download links: Android: Official link in Google Play, iOS: Official link in iTunes, Windows Phone: Third party game installer link. Tutorial (How to install Pokemon GO in Windows Phone) link.

Pokemon GO for Android, Windows and ...

Android Studio is a free app designed for Android development. Android studio is the official app designed to create android apps or to create specific tools wich can be helpful to edit or build an android firmware.       Android studio download links: Windows: link (official), Ubuntu: tutorial, download link, Mac OS: […]

Android Studio

Now the app called “WP Internals” can root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader but, can do more this app ? Is it possible to use this app to unlock network carrier ? It’s true. WP Internals can root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader. Of course, the third party apps used to modify a bootloader can cause […]

WP Internals- Root or unlock Windows ...

The most installed iPhone apps in the the second half of the year 2016 are: Waze, Spotify, Swiftkey, Inbox by Gmail etc. You can download them and be informed from the official links or other sources.   W  a  z  e Waze is one of iPhone apps dedicated to drivers. Drivers can communicate and share with […]

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Always download Windows Phone selfie apps from Microsoft Store. Use other sources only if you can’t get selfie apps for Windows Phone from official source. Easy selfie – Microsoft Store selfie apps. Voice Selfie – Microsoft Store. Selfie Cam HD – Microsoft Store. Selfie Camera – Microsoft Store. B612 – Microsoft Store. Selfie –Microsoft Store. PIP Camera Selfie Photo In Pic –Microsoft Store. Fashion Girl Selfie –Microsoft Store. […]

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For your safety, always download apps for iOS from iTunes. Download from other sources only if you can’t get selfie apps for iOS from apple sources. Pope Selfie –iTunes. Microsoft Selfie –iTunes. Sweet Selfie_ Beauty selfie –iTunes. BeautyCam_ Selfie -iTunes. –iTunes. Selfie Beauty Photo Editor With Makeup –iTunes. Selfie Cam App: Take perfect selfies –iTunes. Pay Your Selfie: take selfie, get paid […]

Best selfie apps for iOS

best selfie apps
It is strogly recommended that you install apps through Google Play. Select other sources only if you can not get selfie apps for android from the safe sources.   BestME selfie Camera- Google Play. Candy Camera- Google Play. YouCam Perfect Selfie Pro- Google Play. AirBrush Best Selfie Editor- Google Play. PIP Camera […]

Best selfie apps for Android

Download Adec Failed appears when a device is not started in the right state to accept files. This happens often in Mpman devices during recovery procedure with PAD Product Tool. First of all, for this model of tablet there are no sufficient tutorials in English, most of the tutorials are in French, however these tutorials […]

Trying to recover Mpman: Download Adec ...

One of the problems that appear when installing Google Chrome and some other similar apps is error 0x000001d . The message displayed  “ the installer encounered error 0x000001d ”  during install Google Chrome app especially in Windows XP appears for many reasons. One reason that is more frequent is: Google Chrome like many other apps […]

Error 0x000001d in Google Chrome

Windows is to busy, it is  ” working on updates “. Every time you restart your computer you should sit back and wait. This system has seemed to be a perfect solution although often it’s a bit busy because it is working on updates . However in this case it seems that Microsoft has […]

Windows Ten is working on updates

Kali Linux is one of the most popular operating systems for using penetration. When we consider that what might make a user of Kali Linux the question is: Is it legal?  Is it permissible to use it? In this question we do, just out of curiosity, because many wondering: How to install Kali Linux? […]

Is it lawful use of Kali ...

Windows 10 reset- inaccessible boot device… It looks really disappointing at this stage of installation.The solution to this problem exists, though difficult. Someone could say that we are dealing with an unfinished operating system, but there is no any operating system completely finished. There is a reset tool in Windows […]

Inaccessible Boot Device during Windows 10 ...

Since July 29 2015 Windows 10 is ready to install for all computers that meet minimum hardware and software requirements. But sometimes the completion of the installation is difficult for different reasons. However, there are several ways to make a successful installation. After launching the new operating system from Microsoft […]

How to Upgrade to Windows 10

Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired the digital signature for this file couldn’t be verifiedFile:windowssystem32bootwinload.exe Error code:0xc0000428 The Windows error code 0xc0000428 is displayed because Windows 10 Technical Preview has expired in April 15, 2015. Those who want to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual machine have […]

Windows 10 Preview error code 0xc0000428

Some FSC Amilo Pro users are faced with a display error- black screen. The notebook monitor displays a black screen but the connection with external monitor works fine. Many users are forced to replace laptop screen but this was not necessary. This is not a hardware problem. There is a misconfiguration in display driver […]

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro display error- ...

(Edited 23.10.2015- Now Ubuntu 15.10 Available to Download) If you can’t find solution from other operating systems you should consider to download- install Ubuntu because “It Works” Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems.It’s really a “humanity to others”, a sentence from which it took its name.Now we […]

Download- install Ubuntu

The Windows Phone 7 is the first version of Windows Phone. It was released for the first time in year 2010. Read more about Windows Phone OS first release. In early of year 2010 other brands were reaching great success, while Windows Mobile was not updated for a time. Read more about Windows […]

Windows Phone OS support and info

Windows Phone Discussions- External Forums. Windows 10 Mobile-Rotate screen while typing in Skype. Share your Windows 10 Mobile Start Screens and Backgrounds. How do I update the messaging app in Windows 10 mobile. Browsing all files in Windows Phone. Why I have to switch from Windows Phone to Android. Downgrading […]

Windows Phone Discussions

All links are from other sources, not from Get apps from official links and other sources. If you download from other sources you need to read if that application is safe to be downloaded or not. Anyone who offers you downloading applications is responsible for your safety. We simply inform you about the […]

Windows Phone top free apps

Trying to open a free Apple id without credit card and cannot select none, or none option does not exist during the opening or editing the account. However, the solution exists. Apple actually has the option to open Apple id without credit card. The reason why this happens is unclear. The reason may […]

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 Skype is available for most versions of Windows Phone, Android, iOS and for many other platforms. You can download Skype from official links or third party sources. It is highly recommended you download this app from its official website , or from the app store for the platform that you use. Download […]

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A windows 7 update error like: 800b0100 or 80072ee2 seems to be a problem but a solution to it exists because there is a code that appears behind him. The solution is more difficult when Windows update is stuck for a long time without giving us an information of what is happening. This Windows 7 update error usually […]

Windows 7 update error