How to change language in Windows 10

change language in windows 10

Keyboard and display language are usually selected during the installation of Windows, but this step can also be done after the installation.

This method was used in 2015. Over the years there have been many updates, especially in Windows 10, for this reason this part of the settings may undergo minor changes.

To change display language in Windows 10:

  • Click Start, Settings, Time & Language,
  • Click Additional date, time, & regional settings,
  • Click change input methods, options,
  • Click add a language, select your language,
  • Click add, in your new added language click options,
  • Click Download and insall language pack,
  • Wait a few moments until language files are downloaded and installed, when installation is finished clik Restart Now,
  • After the Computer restarts click Start, SettingsTime & Language, Region & Language, click in your language, click Set as default, your display language will be changed afer next sign-in.

Change keyboard layot:

  • Click Start, Settings, Time & Language, Additional date, time, & regional settings
  • Click change input methods, options, add an input method.
  • Click in your favorite keyboard language.
  • Click add, click save
  • Now switch to your language in left side of toolbar.


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