Error code 80072ee2 during Windows update

The problem that occurs during Windows update.

Some users who want to install Windows 10 are experiencing various problems. One of these problems is the error code 80072ee2.

error 80072ee2The error code 80072ee2 usually appears during Windows 10 upgrade proces.

However, since this happens before the computer is restarted the solution of this problem is made much easier.

It seems to be the easiest problem to solve if we compare with other troubles.

Windows 10 Technical Preview error code: 0xc0000428 or Windows 10 error code 0x0000005d, because if an error occurs after the restarting PC during OS installation then things seem to be more complicated.

Let’s get back to the actual problem, error code 80072ee2 … why this happens? The reasons are numerous.

This happens when Windows update servers can not handle multiple requests, or when you are faced with low internet bandwidth.

But how to solve this problem?

Rebooting the computer and re activation windows update is the first attempt to solve this error, but I would suggest you another solution.

I think the best solution would be to: Download and install Windows 10 Manually. If you choose this method, everything would be easier.

We’re dealing with a Microsoft tool which will help you to download and install Windows 10. To select this method Go to: How to upgrade to Windows 10.

However, when we are dealing with error code 80072ee2 we should think to find a solution, because it appears not only during Windows 10 installation but in other cases also.

As stated above- The error code 80072ee2 isa problem that occurs during Windows update