IPTV, Tv and FM Radio apps for Windows Mobile

This is a list including links to Tv, FM Radio and IPTV apps for Windows Mobile.

  • IPTV Amazing: M3U, XSPF Support- VUCOM 
  • TV Online Univ- Jeremias 
  • Global TV 10- anhxu 
  • Free TV Player- Delta IT Solutions
  • Irangate TV- A.Chaparian 


  • Global Tv Free- anhxu 
  • EZ TV Listings- Envisra 
  • MyIPTV Player- Vbfnet Apps 
  • TV Remote Control for Windows 10- Flor!an 
  • IPTV- Димитър Минчев 


  • RadioFM- Skorczi 
  • Remote Control for Samsung TV- progstudio.p 
  • TV remote- Wilde Apps 
  • FM Radio- Astute Dev 
  • TuneIn Radio- TuneIn 


  • Radio FM Phone- Lars Nowak 
  • FM Radio- Lucio Martin Clavijo 
  • Online Radio – Free Live FM AM- Good Media Group 

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