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Windows Phone recovery tool

The Windows Phone 7 is the first version of Windows Phone. It was released for the first time in year 2010. Read more about Windows Phone OS first release. In early of year 2010 other brands were reaching great success, while Windows Mobile was not updated for a time.

How to recover Windows Phone OS?

A Windows Phone OS can be recovered through the Software Recovery Tool. You can download this tool from the Microsoft website. Downloading is free and does not take much time to download because the file size is only 2.25 mb. When download is complete install it and run the application. Connect your device to you computer through USB port. The recovery procedure is not so complicated. Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Depending on your bandwidth this process may take some time. The tool will download and install the appropriate firmware for your device. The size of this file is about 1 GB. In this case a low bandwidth will take more time to finish the process. If internet is disconnected during this procedure this may cause problems. If the process stops at a unfinished percentage, the procedure must start from the beginning. First, the firmware files should be deleted manually from the temporary folder on your PC.When you are done restart the recovery tool.


How to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile (Windows 10 for Smartphones).

Windows 10 Mobile, release date.

Windows 10 Mobile, supported devices.

Windows 10 for mobile phones will be available for download within a few days. First it will be available for Lumia phones while in December will be ready for older phones. According to some information Microsoft has its plans for other devices. But it may be just a speculation.

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