WP Internals- Root or unlock Windows Phone bootloader

wpinternal root unlock windows phone

Now the app called “WP Internals” can root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader but, can do more this app ? Is it possible to use this app to unlock network carrier ?

WP Internals infoIt’s true. WP Internals can root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader. Of course, the third party apps used to modify a bootloader can cause undesirable effects. We must not forget that this action causes loss of warranty for respective device.  So we need to think twice when deciding to use theese apps.

However, for those who want to download and to use this application may be directed to the official site of Windows Phone Internals.

But, what other files use WP Internals to root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader and where to find these files?

WP Internals p structureTo save the partition structure undamaged they are necessary FFU files (Official Microsoft firmware files for a specific phone). The required files usually are downloaded while is performed a repair or recovery through Windows Device Recovery Tool.

The location of these files is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Packages\Products\phone-model.


This was about Root and unlock Windows Phone bootloader, but…is there any way to unlock network carrier?

A response from WP Internals website says: No, it’s illegal! This at least is the official response. Although, a root or an unlocking bootloader  is a very deep modification in the software of the respective device. However, unlocking phone network is illegal in many countries. And unfortunately the reason for that unlock type in most cases is for stolen phones.


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