iPhone apps – the best up to July 2016

iPhone apps - July 2016

The most installed iPhone apps in the the second half of the year 2016 are: Waze, Spotify, Swiftkey, Inbox by Gmail etc. You can download them from the official links or other sources.

W  a  z  e

Waze is one of iPhone apps dedicated to drivers. So, drivers can communicate and share with each other information about charges in a street, intersection, locations. Even for police patrols who are in different parts of the road. Wow! However, perhaps dissuading would better that during driving do not use a smartphone. If you want to use this app, give the phone to someone else who is present near you.

Links: Official, App store.





S  p  o  t  i  f  y

Spotify  is is one of best iPhone apps to listen music on iPhone or iPad, including other models of smartphones and tablets. In fact, with Spotify you can search for a song or artist and listen without being required to pay.

Links: Official, App store.






S w  i  f  t  k  e  y      K  e  y  b  o  a  r  d



Swiftkey Keyboard, is one of smartest iPhone apps. Swiftkey adopts the keyboard with your writing style. And so, this remembers the form of words that you write. As a result of this, in the future you have it much easier to write because it helps you with the suggestion of the same words with your style.


Links: Official, App store.






I  n  b  o  x –  by Gmail


During this year, one of the most installed iPhone apps is Inbox by Gmail. The way how this app displays an email or an email list makes you feel more relaxed. The Inbox by Gmail app is developed from Gmail Team,  which can be used in different OS and platforms.



Links: Official, App store.