Is it lawful or not legal the use of Kali Linux?

is kali linux legal

Kali Linux can be used legally but in most cases it is used for illegal purposes. Because Kali Linux and other similar softwares can be downloaded by anyone and for whatever reason, in most cases to spy on others. However, there are methods to use it only legally, without directing it to others without the authorization of the system or equipment owner. But you who want to use it ask yourself a question. What is the main reason that drives me to use it?

Kali Linux is one of the most popular operating systems which is used for two reasons:

  1. To test security on different equipments, legal way.
  2. To hack or  spy on others, illegal way.

When we consider that what can do a user of Kali Linux, we ask the question: Is Kali Linux legal?  Is it permissible to use it? In this question we do, just out of curiosity, because many wondering: Where to download and how to install?

If someone asks if is Kali Linux legal or not, it would be a little difficult to find an clear answer YES or NO. It should be studied to derive an accurate reply. As a follower of Backtrack, Kali Linux is even more advanced. It is said that he is destined to test the safety of various IT equipment. In a Wireless AP Kali can hack WEP, WPA, WPA2 security, and many other forms of security. Also it can remove a Mac Filter Security. But again we ask: is this permissible? The answer is: No! This action is illegal and not only that, it is also unfair thing.

So, what is the correct answer? Is Kali linux legal or ilegal ?

YES and NO! Maybe downloading, installing and testing on your devices is a legal action. But remember that the internet is full of apps, songs, movies that are downloadable but legally forbidden. However, if you use it only on the devices where you are Administrator and Owner. Otherwise, exploitation in the other direction constitutes security breaches of the others, and this is illegal.

Wireless systems are not the only ones that can be attacked by Kali Linux. If we take a look inside this operating system, the tools like hydra and many other tools that comes with Kali, we shall notice that there are numerous opportunities to “test” things our safety equipment.

But, is a hacker someone who knows how to use Kali Linux? No, he can and should simply be a safety tester.

But should we be afraid of someone who uses that OS? No! Because there are many other tools and methods used to prejudice the security of others for which we probably have not ever heard. Even in this case, to be protected from these attacks probably we should think that we can really use Kali to test our security, but never the safety of others.

Kali Linux has a website. There are instructions on how to use it. There is also the possibility to download Kali Linux. But not to forget. You should use it only for safety testing, not to play against the rules and the law.

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