Windows 10 is working on updates

working on updates

Windows is to busy, it is  ” working on updates “. Every time you restart your computer you should sit back and wait.

This system has seemed to be a perfect solution although often it’s a bit busy because it is working on updates . However in this case it seems that Microsoft has not bypassed only the number 9 (we expected a Windows 9). Not only during restarting the computer, but also while working with computer we see new notifications frequently for updates. This show ” working on updates ”  seems to be a bit excessive. Although all the equipment do the update, it seems that Windows 10 has “special needs” to do that. Sometimes create the impression that you are not the owner of your computer. While we expect to perform a job with our computer, hmm … we can not do this because he is busy…it’s “Working on updates”.

Windows updates are very important for the functioning of the computer and the operating system’s stability. But when it happens when we are working makes us not feel so good.

Even with weird it is when a morning you power up your PC and see that a new form of operating system has begun to install. It seems that Windows is installing something really big. It takes time more than in other cases when OS installed a service pack. And ask yourself “What would be being installed “. Perhaps Windows 10.1 or maybe Microsoft is remorseful and is making a downgrade to Windows 9.


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